Couple having meal in restaurant a at Manteo Resort Waterfront

Eldorado Resort Dining Options

Seasonally Inspired Menus and Stunning Lake Views

Helmed by Executive Chef Alain Léger, his approach to food is simple and pure. In the over 25 years of experience, Chef brings culinary techniques that reflect old and new world practices, while remaining true the ingredients, and letting the food speak for itself in bold creative ways. Delicious food, exquisitely presented.

 “I am no artist, but a crafstsman who cooks from the heart, with instinct and passion” – Executive Chef Alain Léger

Culinary Team Member Bikram Sandhu, is the Resort’s Executive Pastry Chef. With over 25 years of experience in the industry Chef loves the art and science of pastry. He brings innovation, passion and love for desserts to this challenging position and takes time to know the farmers who produce his ingredients. 
"Restaurants today are not just about the food. They are about the energy and the people that come to dine and how they experience the wine and of course the desserts.” – Pastry Chef Bikram Sandhu

Bar area with a lounge at Manteo Resort Waterfront

Maestro's Mediterranean Restaurant & Terrace

Featuring a curated selection of sea-inspired dishes, local vegetables, and generous usages of oils, spices, and grains. Inspired from the likes of Valencia, Genoa, Split, and Nice to deliver spectacularly inventive dishes in a refreshingly vibrant space.

Conference set-up in a meeting room at Manteo Resort Waterfront

View Room

A private dining and meeting room located in Maestro’s Mediterranean Restaurant.

Couple dining at Lakeside Dining Room, Manteo Resort Waterfront

Lakeside Dining Room at Hotel Eldorado

An evening spent in the Hotel Eldorado's award-winning Kelowna lakeside restaurant will be an evening to remember.

A Bartender in Whiskey Room at Manteo Resort Waterfront

Whisky Room at Hotel Eldorado

The Whisky Room has a rich history and culture all its own and the largest selection in Kelowna. 

A couple dining at the Lounge in Manteo Resort Waterfront

Lounge at Hotel Eldorado

A favourite location for locals and hotel guests alike, Hotel Eldorado's Bar and Lounge ambiance exudes an exclusive club feel with memorabilia from an era of early 19th century Austrian blue bloods and Olympic rowers.

Guests toasting at outdoors at Manteo Resort Waterfront

Boardwalk Dining at Hotel Eldorado

The Boardwalk is the place to be on hot summer days. Delectable cuisine with notable wines.